Published July 23rd, 2021

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Third Eye Faithful, we’ve got a double header for you! We’re so stoked for this book, we just had to do the signing twice! We’re welcoming superstar writer Jim Zub to both Third Eye Annapolis and Third Eye Lexington Park for a big signing for Avengers Tech-On!

Join us on Friday October 1st at Third Eye Lexington Park (and check out the new, superstore sized location!) from 7pm-9pm and grab some goodness to get signed by Jim Zub! Can’t make it on Friday? No problem! Join us on Saturday October 2nd at Third Eye Annapolis from 11am-1pm for the second part of our double-header signing!

What’s the scoop on Avengers Tech-On?

When the Red Skull wields a strange new power that strips heroes of their powers and threatens the entire world, the Avengers turn to Tony Stark’s experimental new technology to save us all. Here come the Iron Avengers – Avengers Tech-On!

Sleek high-tech power suits bristling with energy and amped-up attack power face off against super villains enhanced to match. It’s mechs and mayhem in the Marvel Mighty Manner!

Avengers Tech-On is a sentai-inspired action-adventure series produced in partnership with Bandai Namco of Japan, written by Jim Zub (Uncanny Avengers, Champions) and illustrated by Jeff “Chamba” Cruz (Venom: The End, Street Fighter)!

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We know our Third Eye Faithfuls love lining up for our big events, and we’re stoked to be back in the swing with them! Get here early and get some sweet swag while you wait!