Everyday Is Halloween!

Published August 13th, 2021

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If you know us, you know that we love all things spooky! Spirit Halloween isn’t the only one kicking off the spooky season with the first falling of leaves. Everyday is Halloween at Third Eye, and we want to celebrate the coolest holiday of the year as often as possible! We carry the fun, spooky things all year round, and we want to share all of the creepy fun with you, Third Eye Faithful, as soon as possible! Now that we’re getting closer and closer to Fall, we can’t wait any longer to share the scare!

This year we’re starting the Halloween celebration early! We’ll have our stores decorated for the occasion and we’ll be highlighting all the spooky stuff Third Eye has to offer. If you’ve been to our stores you know that we carry all the horror goodies year round, so why not get into the spooky season with us!

We carry a HUGE selection of horror masks from all your favorite movies, shows, bands and more! This isn’t even a fraction of what we have hanging up in our game store! When you walk in you’re immediately greeted by all the scary faces of beloved horror movie characters just waiting to go home with you!

We’ve also recently introduced horror movies to our collection of spooky stuff for you guys! We have all the B movie goodness you need to ring in the spooky season the right way! And who doesn’t love a good scary movie night?

Our game store also carries an amazing selection of horror movie soundtracks to take your Halloween parties to the next level! From Dracula to John Carpenter, you’re guaranteed to find one of your faves! And what better way to celebrate than with some holiday music?

Our game store also carries a bunch of spooky decor to take your Halloween decorating to the next level! With funky retro metal signs, life sized Gremlins, and giant prop replica tombstones your house will be the talk of the neighborhood this Halloween!

If you’re looking for some more relaxing ways to get into the spooky season our comic shop is full of all sorts of horror goodness too! Junji Ito is one of our favorites here at Third Eye! His books are impossible to keep on the shelves because his spine-chilling stories and down-right unsettling artwork is unmatched! Pick up any of his works and you won’t be disappointed.

Halloween is also the perfect time for all the witches and lovers of the occult out there and Third Eye has everything you need to get into the practice! We carry a wide range of all sorts of witchy / occult books! From the history of occult practices, to spell books, tarot cards and more! We have every book you need to expand your knowledge of the occult!

And we can’t forget all the awesome NECA horror toys we carry too! Come in and take home a mini version of your favorite horror movie character!

Third Eye Faithful, we can’t wait to share more of all the spooky goodness we have to offer with you! Make sure to keep an eye out on our social media and website for more Halloween highlights, blogs on our favorite scary books and more! And don’t forget, Everyday Is Halloween at Third Eye!