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Hawkeye: Freefall #1 Launch Signing with Matt Rosenberg (Uncanny X-Men, Punisher)

January 4, 2020 @ 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm EST

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Third Eye Faithful, we’re super stoked to kick off the NEW YEAR and celebrate the first of many new ongoing series from MARVEL with an epic signing featuring comics superstar MATTHEW ROSENBERG!

Many of you know Matt from his work on Marvel blockbusters like UNCANNY X-MEN, THE PUNISHER, and more — but, he’s also done some of our favorite indies, including a must-read with 4 KIDS WALK INTO A BANK!

We’ll be hosting Matt at both Third Eye Annapolis, and Third Eye South on Saturday 1/4/19 to deliver a double-dose of HAWKEYE signing goodness!

What’s the scoop on HAWKEYE: FREEFALL?

Not since MATT FRACTION & DAVID AJA launched HAWKEYE back a few years ago have we been this excited about a series featuring the Avenging Archer!

Factor in the addition of one of our favorite writers, Matthew Rosenberg, handling writing chores, and gorgeous artwork from Otto Schmidt, and you’ve got yourself a must-have this Winter!

In HAWKEYE FREEFALL, when a mysterious and ruthless new Ronin starts tearing a destructive path through the city, suspicion immediately falls on Hawkeye, but Clint has more to worry about than who’s wearing his old costume.

After a clash with the Hood ends badly, Hawkeye gives himself a new mission that will place him in the crosshairs of one of New York’s most dangerous villains.

Hawkeye’s mission and Ronin’s secret plans will set them on a collision course that only one of them will walk away from. Fan favorite Clint Barton returns in a brand new series from Matthew Rosenberg (UNCANNY X-MEN, THE PUNISHER) and Otto Schmidt (Green Arrow).


One of our favorites by Matt is also one of his most recent, the UNCANNY X-MEN DISASSEMBLED story arc, which set the stage for all things HOUSE OF X / POWERS OF X!

Why is the X-Men’s newest crisis shaping up to be…their final adventure?! It all starts with a mysterious and tragic disappearance, but their investigation draws the X-Men into a much larger – and deadlier – situation!

Who or what are the Four Horsemen of Salvation, and what is their connection to Nate Grey, the incredibly powerful mutant known as X-Man?

Will Nate’s home dimension, the Age of Apocalypse, make its horrifying return? Or does the dawn of the Age of X-Man mean the end of the Uncanny X-Men?! It’s a status-quo-smashing story that just might leave all of mutantkind in tatters, and it will take three fan-favorite writers to deliver the mutant madness!

Another personal favorite of ours is Matt’s incredible 4 KIDS WALK INTO A BANK which kind of reads like Wes Anderson directing Stranger Things, and then some.

4 KIDS WALK INTO A BANK is the darkly comedic story of four burgeoning child criminals and their elaborate plans.When a group of bumbling criminals show up in her father’s life looking to pull one last job, young Paige has two choices – let her father get caught up in their criminal hijinks or enlist her three best friends to do the job first. Paige picks the bad one.


Another killer run from Matt was his work on PUNISHER, which really delivered the goods in a big way

You can take the Punisher out of the War Machine… Frank Castle may no longer have the Stark-designed armor, but he has retained his taste for “big game” criminals – and he’s hungry for more.

But the paths to such high-value targets are fraught with dangers greater than any Frank has faced before, and this lone wolf could use powerful help on his way across the world stage.

But a delicate situation gets complicated when Daredevil enters the fray – and he wants to put the Punisher down even more than Frank’s newest foes! Where can the Punisher go from here?

The chips are down and he’s boxed in – but that only makes him more dangerous! Nobody puts Frankie in a corner! Be there for the story that fans will be talking about for years to come!


January 4, 2020
4:00 pm - 5:00 pm EST
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