Coming Wednesday 2/14/18… THRAWN #1!

Published February 9th, 2018

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Third Eye Faithful – you know us: we’re huge STAR WARS fans, and as proud children of the ’80s and ’90s, one of our most fondest memories of that galaxy far, far away is the amazing THRAWN trilogy novels that came out courtesy of the one and only TIMOTHY ZAHN (HEIR TO THE EMPIRE, DARK FORCE RISING, and THE LAST COMMAND).
Now, Marvel is bringing one of the most iconic bad guys of the STAR WARS expanded universe into the official STAR WARS canon with THRAWN #1!
One of the most cunning and ruthless warriors in the history of the Star Wars Universe, Grand Admiral Thrawn gets the story told of just how he became one of the most feared military tacticians in the known galaxy in this brand new 6-issue mini-series!
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Get the THRAWN #1 Action Figure Cover while supplies last!!

Marvel put out some pretty killer covers on THRAWN #1, and one of the best is the ACTION FIGURE variant, which we have to admit – is one of the raddest ACTION FIGURE covers we’ve seen so far!
We’ll have a limited quantity available of these, so make sure you swing by Third Eye and scoop yours!

Get the THRAWN #1 1 in 50 MATTINA variant while supplies last!!

We’ve got a very, very small handful of this gorgeous variant on THRAWN #1 by red hot superstar artist FRANCESCO MATTINA!
For the ultimate STAR WARS fan – this is a must-have; make sure you scoop a copy this week at Third Eye!