Introducing.. the Third Eye Binge Box – a curated reading experience!

Published April 4th, 2020

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Get a monthly dose of graphic novels hand-picked and curated by Team Third Eye based on your favorite genres!

Third Eye Faithful, one of the most bummer aspects of the COVID-19 situation in regards to comics is not being able to get out to the shops, and browse those shelves, discovering new reads, talking to the staff, and finding your next favorites.

Well, we here at Third Eye are putting together an initiative to help bring that sense of discovery and community back into the spotlight with the THIRD EYE BINGE BOX!

You know us, Third Eye Faithful: we consider ourselves purveyors of all things cool, and we love getting you hip to some of the best new or some of the most classic yet overlooked reads of all-time.

And, that’s where the BINGE BOX comes into play!

How’s it work? Here’s the scoop on how to pick your Binge!

OK, so, what we’re doing every month is we’re picking THREE genres / categories and then picking the graphic novels to go with them.

We’ll be spotlighting these in a blog of their own (you can check out the very first round of Binge Boxes here), as well as on our social media and live-streams, giving you a scoop on why we love ’em and why we think you will too.

You can then pick your binge (bonus points if you jump in on all three), and purchase them for mail order or home delivery.

What happens if you get ALL 3 Binge Boxes in one month?

Just like THANOS collecting all of the INFINITY GEMS, you’ll be given a level of Power Cosmic that only the heralds of Third Eye hold: the ability to choose one of the books in the next month’s Binge Box — and, to help provide the blog write-up (we’ll tell you how, don’t worry!), and more to tell people why they should check it out!

That’s right: you can join Team Third Eye in helping curate some of the best books for fans to read — and, oh: we’ll also enter your name into a prize drawing to win a lunch invite with one of the biggest superstar creators in comics, which will be scheduled for sometime later in 2020!

Click here to order your Third Eye Binge Box!

Want a Binge Box auto-delivered to you each and every month from April 2020 to April 2021 — and to save big? Read more!

In addition to the month-by-month Binge boxes, we’ll be offering those of you who want a fun surprise in your mail box every month, the Third Eye Binge Box Auto-Ship service.

That’s right: you let us know your genre preferences, and then every month starting with this month’s April Binge Box, we’ll send you a Binge Box without you having to do a darn thing.

And, because you’re paying for a full year of Binge Boxes up front — you’re going to save big!

The normal price of the Binge Box is $39.99, but for the yearly auto-ship option, it’s only $399.99, including shipping and handling — and that’s a lot of graphic novels, Third Eye Faithful.

We’re talking 36 Graphic Novels, a $500+ value!

Click here to order the THIRD EYE BINGE BOX Auto-Ship Service