Bendis is Coming! Get ready for Bendis on Superman this Summer with Man of Steel!

Published May 11th, 2018

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One of the biggest things to hit comics in the last decade has gotta be the jump of long-time Marvel Comics icon, BRIAN MICHAEL BENDIS, to DC COMICS, and Third Eye Faithful, we could not be more stoked.
Seriously: Bendis was responsible for nearly single-handedly building modern Marvel as we know it back in the early ’00s, with his incredible work on NEW AVENGERS, SECRET WAR, AVENGERS DISASSEMBLED, HOUSE OF M, ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN, and so many other incredible projects.
Making the move to DC Comics after nearly 20 years at Marvel is fantastic for Bendis, as we can already tell it has revitalized the amazing creativity and storytelling that makes the man such an icon.
Starting this Summer in the pages of the new 6-issue limited series MAN OF STEEL, Bendis will be revisiting the origins of Superman while telling a story that’s set firmly in the modern day.
It’s been a long-time since we’ve seen a SUPERMAN story that has looked this freakin’ cool, and we cannot wait to dig into it!

In addition to MAN OF STEEL, Bendis will also be handling the writing chores on ACTION COMICS, starting with issue #1001, and SUPERMAN #1, which means that Bendis will be bringing his unified vision for what Superman can be, and what he means to the DCU as a whole to us in a big way! These 2 titles will launch shortly after MAN OF STEEL concludes, and pick up where Bendis has left off, giving us pretty much his ultimate vision of SUPES!
We personally love the idea of Bendis handling all 3 of the Supes titles, because after seeing just how darn good he is at world-building, we know that he’s going to really do some of the most exciting stuff that the Last Son of Krypton has seen in ages.
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So, where does all this really kick off? You can actually hop on board the Bendis Superman train right now with ACTION COMICS #1000, the landmark issue that dropped recently (and is still in stock here at Third Eye), that features a short prelude into what Bendis has planned for the Man of Steel (along with some gorgeous JIM LEE artwork!)

From there, the fun kicks off in May with MAN OF STEEL #1, on 5/30/18, and then continues into the Summer. Here’s a look at the release schedule of BENDIS SUPERMAN awesomeness!

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ACTION COMICS #1,000 – 1st BENDIS Superman story!

MAY 2018

MAN OF STEEL #1 (OF 6) – 5/30/18

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JULY 2018

SUPERMAN #1 – 7/11/18

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ACTION COMICS #1001 -7/25/18 

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We know you’ve got a little bit to wait until things kick off in MAN OF STEEL, and after the awesomeness of ACTION #1000 – are stoked on some Superman goodness, so we’ve put together our TOP 5 SUPERMAN Graphic Novels to help you get by til then!

These are all in stock at our stores, so feel free to come in anytime and find out why we love ’em so much!


Quite possibly our favorite SUPERMAN story of all-time, Grant Morrison & Frank Quitely weave pure magic with ALL STAR SUPERMAN in a tale that will make even the LEAST LIKELY SUPERMAN fan weep with how awesome the MAN OF STEEL can be.
Witness the Man of Steel in exciting adventures featuring Lex Luthor, Jimmy Olsen, Lois Lane, Bizarro, and more!
Plus: Superman goes toe-to-toe with Bizarro, his oddball twin, and the new character Zibarro, also from the Bizarro planet.
But ,what’s really at the core of ALL STAR SUPERMAN is a simple tale about a man who’s practically a god — who discovers he’d dying, and his #1 concern? Leaving the people in his life, and the world as a whole, a better place in his absence.
An absolutely heart-warming (and heart-wrenching!) tale — ALL STAR SUPERMAN is a perfect example of what good comics can and should do.


This is where it all really kicked off for Superman in the modern era of comics, as DOOMSDAY CLOCK writer GEOFF JOHNS teams with director RICHARD DONNER to completely re-energized the MAN OF STEEL and the story behind the iconic characters like ZOD!
In LAST SON OF KRYPTON, it’s Superman vs. Superman Revenge Squad and the Phantom Zone criminals – with the life of Christopher Kent hanging in the balance!
Plus: The “Brainiac” epic that set the stage for “New Krypton.” aka the best BRAINIAC story we’ve ever read!


Quite possibly the BEST Elseworlds DC has ever done, SUPERMAN RED SON is a fascinating look at the DCU as a whole with a very simple concept: what if Superman was raised in the 1950s Soviet Union, instead of here in the United States?
The results will shock you, and the storytelling by KICK-ASS & OLD MAN LOGAN scribe MARK MILLAR will captivate you!


More of an ensemble story than just a SUPERMAN story, however, KINGDOM COME features the epitome of what makes SUPERMAN a bad-ass, and it gets a big shout out for that.
In this incredible story set in a near future where superheroes are too violent, and the Old Guard of DC heroes has been pushed aside, it’s up to Supes and the icons we all know and love to come out of the shadows and set things right.
Written by Mark Waid and illustrated by Alex Ross, this is the unforgettable, best-selling tale of a world spinning inexorably out of control. Waid and Ross weave a tale of youth versus experience, tradition versus change, and what defines a hero. KINGDOM COME is a riveting epic that pits the old guard – Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and their allies – against a new, uncompromising generation of heroes.


A newer storyline that really holds up, and commands its place among these modern classics, SUPERMAN AMERICAN ALIEN is a fantastic chapter by chapter retelling of the different chapters of Supes’s life.
From his childhood days, learning his powers, and coming to terms with who he is and what he’s capable of, to his formative years in his early 20s, SUPERMAN AMERICAN ALIEN is a fantastic introduction to SUPERMAN for readers who’ve never quite found a SUPERMAN story that clicks for them.
From screenwriter and Eisner Award-nominee Max Landis (Chronicle, American Ultra, ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN), it’s the seven-issue miniseries that chronicles Clark Kent’s development into the archetypal hero he will eventually become. With the tone of each issue ranging from heartwarming and simple, to frighteningly gritty and violent, to sexy, sun-kissed and funny, SUPERMAN: AMERICAN ALIEN is unlike anything you’ve seen before.