AvX_ColossusThing_02AVENGERS VS. X-MEN


One of the coolest things about the upcoming AVENGERS VS. X-MEN storyline is that this is a fresh, new reader-friendly storyline that anyone can jump on board with. And, this means that there’s probably quite a few of you out there who may have not been following Marvel recently, or need to brush up on your Marvel U knowledge.

Well, we’ve put together a list of the MUST-READ story lines that tie into the foundations of AVENGERS VS. X-MEN. While none of this is required to jump into AvX, it does help give you a good background on how we got to this arc.

detail-2AVENGERS: X-SANCTION #1-4 – The most crucial lead-in to the AVENGERS X-MEN Saga is by far, the currently running X-SANCTION limited series. This four part limited series are the opening shots in the war between the Avengers and the X-Men, as Cable returns from the future, with 24 hours to live before the Legacy virus finally kills him, and his mission? KILL THE AVENGERS TO SAVE THE FUTURE. We’ve got all the issues that are out so far in stock and available now, come on by, and catch up.




aug082457dMESSIAH COMPLEX TRADE PAPERBACK – Since HOPE is kind of the catalyst for the event, there’s no better place to start than the trilogy that introduces her, and MESSIAH COMPLEX is the first book in that run.






oct090635MESSIAH WAR TRADE PAPERBACK – The second chapter in the now classic MESSIAH WAR trilogy, and a crucial development in the saga of Hope, and the sinister future the X-Men are trying to prevent.






51rmxcGRGNL._SL500_AA300_SECOND COMING TRADE PAPERBACK – The third and final installment of the HOPE trilogy. This is where it all really begins, with Hope returning to the present day, and finding her place with the X-Men.. and some very PHOENIX-y references and hints to the future made along the way.





61sPo8JgfmL._SL500_AA300_FEAR ITSELF HC – You’re probably wondering what’s been up with the Avengers, right? And, why are they so paranoid about this whole Phoenix thing, right? FEAR ITSELF shows you everything that’s happened up until now with Marvel’s heavyweight players, and why they’re a bit skeptical of otherworldly and cosmic entities.





houseofm_tpbHOUSE OF M TRADE PAPERBACK – Judging from some of the cover teasers, the return of the Scarlet Witch is going to play just as big a role in this as the return of the Phoenix. Who does the Avengers have that can rival the sheer destruction and terror the Phoenix can unleash? You guessed it. Wanda Maximoff herself. And, with her ties to Magneto… where does her allegiance lie?

House of M is the definitive story of Scarlet Witch’s descent into crazy land, as it shows her using her reality altering powers to change the entire Marvel Universe into a reality where Magneto’s the president, humans are hated and feared, and everything is different… very FLASHPOINT. 🙂


oct082525dCABLE VOL.1 TRADE PAPERBACK – As a major player in the official lead up to AVENGERS VS. X-MEN (AVENGERS: X-SANCTION), you’re going to want to learn a bit more about Cable, and why he’s hellbent on killing the Avengers to save Hope. This initial graphic novel collecting 1-6 of the killer CABLE ongoing series from a few years ago is a great intro to Cable, and his one-man war.





61dSwNrOkuL._SL500_AA300_1AVENGERS VOL.1 TRADE PAPERBACK – You may be wondering just where the AVENGERS are at these days, what their line-up consists of, and what they’re all about. There’s no better place to start than with the AVENGERS by BRIAN MICHAEL BENDIS vol.1 trade paperback, which is the formation of the current team in the aftermath of the SIEGE event.





5118d0RVXgL._SL500_AA300_X-MEN SCHISM HARDCOVER – A nice companion to FEAR ITSELF, as this is the most recent big story that kind of set up where the X-Men are now, and what they’re about, SCHISM is the official splitting of the X-MEN into a GOLD TEAM and a BLUE TEAM. This storyline shows the events that drive a rift between Cyclops and Wolverine, and we feel that the directions of these two teams are going to be HUGE motivators in terms of the war between the Avengers and X-Men.





may100668X-MEN: THE DARK PHOENIX SAGA – While not absolutely necessary to the overall story of AVENGERS vs. X-MEN, this comics classic is a magnum opus of epic proportions, and is THE definitive Phoenix storyline. And, with the Phoenix playing a huge part in the upcoming AvX crossover, it doesn’t hurt to experience the storyline that made the cosmic entity a force to be reckoned with.

All of these items are available, and in stock at both Third Eye locations. Come on by, and pick our brains on which ones will help you get caught up best.