Published February 4th, 2019

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Third Eye Faithful: you and us both know that the new HELLBOY movie is gonna be off-the-chain, and let’s be real: any chance we can talk up HELLBOY, one of our favorite comic series of all-time, we’re gonna take it!

This Saturday 3/23/19, we’ll be hosting a huge celebration of the 25th anniversary of the 1st ever HELLBOY series: HELLBOY SEED OF DESTRUCTION, as well as the upcoming release of the new HELLBOY movie with the 1st ever INTERNATIONAL HELLBOY DAY!

Get HELLBOY: SEED OF DESTRUCTION 25TH ANNIVERSARY #1 FREE with ANY HELLBOY purchase while supplies last! 

We’ve got a full day on the horizon with TONS of HELLBOY awesomeness lined up, including a very special release of the book that started it all: HELLBOY SEED OF DESTRUCTION #1, which we’ll be giving away with ANY HELLBOY-related purchase (yes, that includes other Mignola-verse awesomeness like BPRD, WITCHFINDER, and more!)!

Be one of the 1st 25 in line and get a HELLBOY x THIRD EYE GOODIE BAG! 

In addition, we’ll be giving out HELLBOY goodie bags to the 1st 25 in line at each location, featuring goodies like HELLBOY DAY Buttons, HELLBOY DAY timeline posters (these are so cool – a complete timeline of the HELLBOY universe), and then our personal fave: HELLBOY RIGHT HAND OF DOOM bookmarks!

Enter our SAY HELL YEAH TO HELLBOY raffle if you come in HELLBOY (or HELLBOY-related) cosplay!

We love seeing the awesome and creative costumes you come up with, Third Eye Faithful, and we’ve got a very special raffle we’ll be hosting at all of our locations for those of you who show up in cosplay as any character from the world of HELLBOY, BPRD, or the other Mignola-verse goodness!

And, on top of that – we’ll share everyone’s awesome cosplays on all of our social media so you can show off to other HELLBOY diehards nationwide!
How’d you enter? Just show us your Cosplay in the store, and we’ll give you a raffle ticket. The raffle will be done and announced via our FACEBOOK pages for each store at the end of the day on 3/23/19!
What’s the sweet sweet prize? A special HELLBOY Third Eye Prize Package, featuring limited edition HELLBOY DAY goodies, HELLBOY graphic novels, and more!

Get the full scoop on HELLBOY with our Third Eye Guide to HELLBOY!

OK, so we know some of you may not have been initiated into the wonderful world of HELLBOY and the MIGNOLAVERSE.. but, that’s OK: we’re gonna help change that!

This is one of the most layered, and rich with strong storytelling worlds in comics, and throughout the last 25 years, Mike Mignola has truly crafted a modern masterpiece that truly continues to impress us with every venture into it.
Get the full scoop on why we love HELLBOY, where to start reading ,and more by going to our Third Eye Guide here.