We’re huge fans of SKULLKICKERS here at Third Eye, and are totally stoked for this great opportunity for many of you guys to discover this series for the first time with SAVAGE SKULLKICKERS #1.

We’re hosting a special launch party with SKULLKICKERS writer JIM ZUB and artist EDWIN HUANG to kick off this great jumping on point for new readers.

Haven’t read SKULLKICKERS? This series is an incredible piece of work; a must for both comics fans and gamers, as it blends the kind of bloody humor you’d see in ARMY OF DARKNESS or EVIL DEAD with the fantasy genre settings of A GAME OF THRONES, THE HOBBIT or WORLD OF WARCRAFT.

Ever wanted a Dungeons & Dragons-style comic that kicked ass on all fronts? Story, art, and more? SKULLKICKERS is that book.

Picture the best of buddie comedies like THE HANGOVER  and cross it with the world of DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS, and that sums up SKULLKICKERS perfectly.

Wanna try the earlier SKULLKICKERS material before our signing? We’ve got the trade paperbacks in stock now, and you can give it a shot with volume 1 for only $9.99!

Click here for the event info on our Facebook page.


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